Our workshops take place during the afternoon session of Reframe Women in Tech Manchester 2024.  These Action Learning workshops will provide the opportunity to get collaborative and hands-on in small groups across two interactive sessions.


The Game-Changer: The Foundations of Effective Software Delivery
Hosted by Varuna Venkatesh, Hannah Hammond, Farhana Khan and Becky Arrowsmith

As engineering teams creating software, we are in constant search of better ways to be impactful. We gather metrics, build dashboards and design processes to help us deliver faster.

In this workshop, we will dive into the behaviours that form the foundation of this fast, effective software delivery. Expect an interactive, game-based workshop that draws parallels with the journey of creating software. We’ll aim to give you practical takeaways to make your processes smoother, make your feedback loops richer and create a culture of continuous experimentation.

AI for a Greener World
Hosted by Claire Watson – Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Sage AI, Laura Stoddart – Senior Data Scientist at Sage AI

Join an interactive session to find out how tech professionals can create a greener world by:

  • Analysing energy consumption patterns in tech environments
  • Implementing AI to monitor and reduce electronic waste
  • Creating awareness campaigns through AI-driven content suggestions

Booking Required

Workshop places must be booked and are allocated on a first come first serve basis. Tickets must be purchased for the full-day event before workshop booking.

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We know that enabling change for women in technology starts with focusing on the positive and that’s why we want to deliver this conference for the community in a way that makes it as accessible as possible.