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Carolina Beiertz

Carolina Beiertz is a user experience designer currently working at DigitalBridge. Her background is in graphic design, but after attending Hyper Island in Stockholm in 2017, she shifted careers into the world of UX

Kerry Harrison

Kerry Harrison is the lead for the Lancashire Digital Skills Partnership of the Lancashire LEP. This trailblazer project, support by the DCMS, was the first of six to be established across the country and is going from strength to strength.

Stacey Copeland

Stacey Copeland has represented her country in two sports, football and boxing. As an amateur boxer Stacey won a European silver medal.Last year she made history when she became the first ever British woman to win the Commonwealth title.

Heather Williams

Heather Williams is a Frontend Developer working at Auto Trader. She is a proud career changer and spent 10 years working in education. After taking a career break, she was part of the first cohort of Tech Returners

Sarah Martin

With more than 10 years in the technology industry, Sarah was part of Manchester tech start up scene before she really understood what one was!

Polly Caldwell

Polly Caldwell has been a software developer since 2012 when after achieving a Masters in Mathematics at university she took a job as a graduate software developer with AutoTrader. She is currently a technical lead in the Commercial Products tribe.

Dr Becky Quicke

Dr Becky Quicke specialises in helping women embrace their potential. She does this through seasonal workshops and retreats.

Laura Lancaster

Having worked in tech for over twenty years, Laura started as a programmer, and quickly progressed to development and working in projects and delivery. She is currently Head of Agile Devliery for MAG-O (Manchester Airport Online

Jane Lawson

Jane is currently a Software Developer for one a major retail provider working to create world class experiences for its' customers.

Dawn Embry

Director of Strategy and Performance, Dawn Embry has more than 15 years’ experience in strategic growth, sales and business development

Natalie Lovett

Natalie is a Director at technology consultancy Infinity Works. Having had a varied career, from the music industry to the police service and then into the tech industry, she loves helping others develop their careers.

Harriet Ryder

Harriet is a software developer who entered the industry in 2016 after previously being an English teacher and librarian. She maintains her passion for education, and is currently a Tech Coach with Tech Returners.

Anna Jakielaszek

Anna is a founder of See-Be-Mean focusing on the skills for inclusion. Passionate about the D&I, with ten years of experience in HR

Tanya Nicol

Tanya Nicol is the founder of a travel tech startup, TrippTee. As an avid traveller and adventure seeker, she’s travelled to over 40 countries, visiting over 100 cities across 4 continents.

Milenne Tanganelli

Milenne is the founder and Director of Digital Pop-Ups Augmented Reality Experiences. She is a passionate advocate for technology and digital transformation with a focus on enhancing communication using Augmented Reality (AR).

Zandra Moore

Zandra has over 20 years’ experience of working with a range of technology partners and solutions and is passionate about enabling business and public sector managers to drive performance through data insights and analytics.

Anubhi Khandelwal

Anubhi is a tech enthusiast who works with the latest technologies and digital tools to take customers towards digitalization and transform their business models in line with Industry 4.0.

Dr Tana Joseph

Dr Tana Joseph is a South African astronomer and currently a Royal Society Newton International research fellow at the University of Manchester. Her research area is black holes and neutron stars outside of our Galaxy.

Suzi Dale

Suzi is an experienced radio producer and programme maker. From her early days at BBC Radio 1, developing, researching and producing news programmes to her current role as Director at Story Publishing working on a range of industry podcasts.

Claire Reckless

Claire is a Test Lead at MoneySuperMarket in Manchester, working with testers across multiple teams on both web and mobile apps. She also has experience working in both financial and security enterprise software

Liv Wild

Liv is an accomplished leader in technology with a track record of successfully shaping strategy and leading effective organisation-level change. Over her career she has accumulated diverse experience spanning large-scale digital transformation projects.

Vimla Appadoo

Vim has been an advisor on international government tech missions and a mentor for various startup programmes as well as an international keynote speaker. In 2016, Vim was voted on to the Northern Power Future List,

Katie Walker

Katie is a recent Computer Science and Mathematics graduate of the University of Sheffield and will be joining Capital One as a Software Engineer in September.

Bethan Blakeley

Bethan has been working in market research and analytics for a decade, with the overarching goal of bringing the two closer together. In 2018 she co-founded Honeycomb Analytics

Pauline Narvas

Pauline is currently on a BT graduate scheme in Digital Engineering, based in Leeds. Coming from a Biomedical Sciences background, Pauline made the career switch after being inspired by the tech community.

Simon Iredale

Simon has spent over 20 years in digital marketing working with SME businesses to help them understand the benefits digital can bring. He is CEO Motionlab.

Anna Dick

Beginning with the frenetic world of agencies, Anna found the pursuit of technical growth in a fast paced environment suited her and her passion for transforming businesses. She is now CTO at Hiring Hub.

Alison Hughes

Alison leads a shared ICT service on behalf of Bolton and Wigan Council and has spent more than 24 years in local government. She is also a key contributor to Wigan Council’s Digital Strategy and is a keen ambassador for Women in Technology.

Penny Haslam

Penny is a former BBC Breakfast business presenter an award-winning inspirational speaker, who works with individuals and organisations to help them raise their profile.

Dr. Rachael Ainsworth

Dr. Rachael Ainsworth is a Researcher at the University of Manchester, who is passionate about openness, transparency, reproducibility, wellbeing and inclusion in STEM.

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